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grow your business WITH Social MARKETING Strategies FOR creative Service providers, and Social Sellers.

Generate consistent leads without having to put in a lot of manual work?

Reach new audiences without a major ad spend?

Are you struggling to...

Repurpose your content for greater reach without investing hours and hours of your time?

Diversify your marketing efforts? 

Don’t miss out on the chance to...

Get in front of people who are searching for what you have to offer. 

Increase your visibility and get more eyes on your offers.

Eliminate the overwhelm of depending on marketing strategies that require so much time and energy.

Diversify your marketing strategy in less time and with less money.

Grow your brand in new ways and reach the people that need what you offer!

— Sarah Y.

"I've been seriously working Pinterest into my business model for about a year and still learned a lot from Lynelle. Her insight into pin and board details gave me some solid steps on how to improve my reach. If you don't know much about Pinterest, she will blow your mind!"

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Social Marketing Strategy

My 1:1 Marketing Strategy session is designed for the person who is ready to implement the powerhouse of Social Media Marketing and needs the strategic guidance and next steps to gaining more visibility and repurposing their content for more organic reach. If you want a strategy to hand over to your VA or manage your account yourself. This session is for you!

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Social Media Management

My social media management program is designed to put your marketing strategy to work. You have a strategy in place, content created and are ready to hand it over to be implemented by someone who knows what they are doing, and will analyze whats working on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure to maximize your current reach, bring more leads to your offers and allow you the freedom of knowing you have a powerhouse strategy working for your business for months to come.

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I understand the struggle of putting an online marketing system in place, especially one that is constantly changing. I struggled with the same thing, until I decided to not only learn it for myself but train with online marketing experts on how to provide the same services to help clients grow their businesses' online. I help you turn your business marketing from hoping and praying to having a clear defined strategy including analytics and data to prove you are heading in the right direction to gain massive growth. I take the uncertainty of having to figure everything out on your own and provide you a custom marketing strategy to guide and support you on your journey to using social media for business growth.

Your Marketing Guide

i'm Lynelle Lillian, a Marketing strategist and Social Media Consultant

I know you are the kind of person who wants to LIVE OUT  YOUR DREAMS + IMPACT LIVES! In order to get there you need to reach MORE people.

NOW IS THE TIME TO GET your Online marketing strategy OFF THE BACK-BURNER AND FINALLY TAKE IT OFF YOUR next months to do list.

Your business is ready to grow! Let me help take your business to the next level.

Set up your Social Media Marketing Strategy and have the tools to generate leads that you will see the benefits from for months and even years to come!


Define where your business is heading and help me understand who you want to serve

Your Marketing Strategy Session

Learn whats needed to gain more traffic to your content products & services

Generate more leads and increase growth

Optimization walk through

Apply your Strategy


Social Media Strategy Value

Custom Social Media Account Analysis and Statistics Review

90 minute Marketing Strategy call and video recording + 4 weeks Slack Support

Social Media Task Checklist to help you stay on track daily, weekly, monthly


Canva creation guide to ensure you are creating optimized images/video

Custom Keyword/Hashtag bank ready to use for optimization

Fully customized strategy framework to implement