The short answer to this question is YES. Pinterest is a good fit for your business. It’s a good fit for coaches, bloggers, service providers and creative entrepreneurs just like you. And I’ll tell you why. While there are a few social aspects to Pinterest, its main function is a search engine and a very […]

When I first started hearing the buzz about marketing my business on Pinterest I knew it was something I should pay attention to but I instantly became overwhelmed. I mainly used Pinterest to Pin ideas for the next holiday, simple recipe ideas that the kids would like, and DIY home projects.  I had heard of […]

As a busy entrepreneur, you know that time is a valuable resource. And between showing up consistently for your audience and producing engaging and meaningful content, you probably don’t have a whole lot of extra time to take professional shots for your blog.  And your phone camera can only take you so far. With that […]

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t like standing in front of the camera while a photographer gets all up in our face. But we all know that a great looking professional portrait is a valuable asset to have.  Even if it feels a bit awkward, having a professional photo is a major authority building […]

When it comes to your real estate business, if you’re not doing something different, there is nothing setting you apart for everyone else.  The goal of your marketing message is to stand out from every other realtor in the market and connect with your ideal client. But there is something missing in a lot of […]

When it comes to the online business world, having stunning and professional product photos is as close as you can get to letting the consumer pick up your product and examining it with their own hands.  Maybe Elon Musk will create some kind of VR shopping simulator that will change that… … but, for now, […]

You’ve read everything there is to read about growing your brand’s audience. You seem to spend half your life on Instagram.  But you still struggle to grow your brand’s audience. I bet you’ve got an image problem.  Take a look at your brand’s Instagram feed. Posted many stock images of laptops lately? What about grainy […]

One thing all entrepreneurs have in common is the classic coffee shop photo. Is there anyone out there who hasn’t snapped a picture of themselves at a cafe, laptop on the table, with a cappuccino in hand?  Nope…we’ve all been there done that! You may have even taken your photographer to your favorite cafe to […]

Launching a new course can feel like waiting for your kids to open their gifts on Christmas morning.  You’ve wrapped all the gifts beautifully, you’ve made sure each toy has its corresponding accessories, and each one has been chosen specifically for each child’s interests and needs. Course creation is kind of like that.  Your content […]

In 2013, I was a newlywed obsessed with my wedding photos. I loved how they turned out and I absolutely adored the story they told.  We all have those days you never want to forget, the ones you want to relive over and over again? That’s what these photos did for me, helped me relive […]