How to Brand Your Real Estate Business with Photos That Stand Out

When it comes to your real estate business, if you’re not doing something different, there is nothing setting you apart for everyone else. 

The goal of your marketing message is to stand out from every other realtor in the market and connect with your ideal client.

But there is something missing in a lot of the real estate branding that I see, the heart and soul that drives the industry… the people!

When it comes to branding your real estate business, there’s a lot of vaulted ceilings, granite countertops, private decks, and master suites. However, what people really crave, what they’re looking for when they are shopping for a real estate agent, is a feeling.

The feeling they’re going to have when they buy their first house or finally find their dream home. 

While it makes sense that there’s a lot of talk (and photos) of housing parts, there’s a WHOLE lot more to owning a successful real estate business. 

You play a role in a major change happening in people’s lives. And if your branding photos can capture how you match people up with their homes and help them begin a new chapter of their lives? You’re going to have so many new leads rolling in! 

So, how do you put life into your brand photos?

As a brand photographer, I’ve seen a lot of the same things going around… 

So I put together this list of ideas for your brand shoot that will help you stand out and grow your business.   

Behind the Scenes

YOU are what makes your business unique. By having brand photos that tell your story, you will already have something different. 

One way to tell your story is through brand photos that capture the behind the scenes details of you interacting with your clients. 

Letting your potential buyers get to know you and your team with intimate brand photos that show the relationship you have with your clients is going to tell them everything they need to know about working with you. 

Lifestyle Photoshoots with New Homeowners

For most people, buying and selling their home is going to be an emotional process. 

And as a realtor, you are guiding them through it all. 

If your branding photos can tell the story of the excitement and joy your clients feel when they finally buy the home of their dreams, you will be able to connect with your leads on a very emotional level. 

So have your photographer capture a few of those raw moments of your client’s first time…

  • Making breakfast or cooking dinner in their brand new dream kitchen 
  • Spending time with family in their new living room
  • Enjoying their beautifully landscaped backyard 

Most people have already pictured what owning their dream home feels like. By capturing these moments, you’re giving your prospects a preview of the good things they can look forward to when they hire you.  

Showcase Your Area

A big part of homeshopping is where the home is located. People want to know what kind of lifestyle, people, and opportunities the area has to offer. 

You can breathe life into your brand photos by showcasing popular places in the city where your clients are buying/selling homes.

This will not only bring local traffic to your website, but also attract buyers in your area who are searching for the best places to eat, events, shopping etc. 

By doing this, you’re establishing yourself as an expert of your part of the world, not just an expert in the housing market.

Get the Help of a Professional 

Bring a professional brand photographer on board to help you come up with stories and concepts that best fit your marketing message and your brand. 

You want professionally shot and edited photos that create a visual narrative of the experience your real estate business offers.  

In the Phoenix area and need a shoot booked? Message me to get something set up! 

Let’s elevate your real estate business to a whole new level with stunning, emotionally charged brand photos.

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