3 Reasons You Need New Photos Before Launching A Course Online

Launching a new course can feel like waiting for your kids to open their gifts on Christmas morning. 

You’ve wrapped all the gifts beautifully, you’ve made sure each toy has its corresponding accessories, and each one has been chosen specifically for each child’s interests and needs.

Course creation is kind of like that. 

Your content is designed to reflect your brand perfectly with your brand’s color palette and fonts. 

Each module of the course has videos, action steps, and loads of value. 

Most importantly, the lessons you’ve laid out in the course are tailored specifically to serve your audience in the way they’ve expressed need. 

Now, you’re prepping your launch sequence by planning the social media posts and emails, making sure to include all the benefits and features of the course. 

Oh, and you’ve made sure to include fresh, relevant photos of yourself, right? 

No…uh-oh…that’s not the answer I was hoping for. But…

Don’t freak out yet.

You can still get a great shoot on the books before your launch. Here’s why you need to make that happen ASAP. 

Setting The Tone

Using stock photos that seem relevant to the content of your course may seem like a good idea, and I’ll be the first to say, it’s not a bad one. 

However, if you’re at the point in your business where your audience has given you the confidence to launch a course, this likely means they’ve grown to trust you based on the value you’ve provided and the way they’ve resonated with your story and personality. 

Continue to connect with your people by involving yourself in the visual content for the launch. 

This way, your audience feels as though you’re talking with them about the course instead of feeling like they’re just reading about it online. 

Fresh Photos Indicate Fresh Content

Using old photos won’t trigger your audience into thinking you have something shiny and new for them. Fresh photos, however, will catch their eye and encourage them to stop and read about your new offer. 

Recycling content is great, except when it’s not. Sharing old photos your audience may have seen before is not going to say “Hey read this, it’s new information!” It’s going to sound more like, “Oh hey, you’ve seen this before so you’ve probably already gotten the value out of this content too.”

Remember, if you want your audience to read your content and BUY, you have to catch their eye and stop their scroll with an appealing photo first.

Maintain Branding

Your course is your new baby. You’ve worked hard on it and it’s time to release it into the world. It’s the product of your refined skills and knowledge. Showcasing your course should reflect this. 

Your branding is what sticks out in the market. Consumers come across countless names, faces, and offers each day, but when they come across yours, they know they’re reading about the absolute best…

Skincare routines

Social media strategies

Podcast techniques

Virtual assistant skills

….___________________you fill in the blank

So, when you’re putting together your launch campaign, your audience should be reminded that your brand is who they already know, like, and trust. Reminding them of this with your bright smile, big curly hair, purple dresses, or whatever you keep consistent throughout your visual content, will encourage them to think, “Hey, maybe this is exactly what I need right now” when they learn you have a new offer.

Where These Fresh Photos Should Go

Great, you’ve got the photos done and you look fabulous. Now, what should you do with them?

You’re probably not putting all your eggs in one basket in terms of marketing your course, right? 

You’re probably posting about your course on social media, maybe you made a new pop up for your website advertising it, you’ve made a landing page to link in your social media bio for people to sign up for the waitlist, emails are going out warming up your audience for the launch. 

Remember, consistency sells. Being consistent with the imagery in your launch will encourage your audience to trust the content in your course will be just as consistently valuable. 


Your website is your hub for everything your brand offers. This is where people go when they want to learn more about your business and what you have to offer. Knowing this, you’ve likely planned on advertising your new course somewhere on your site. 

Social Media

This is where you can have fun. Pop some champagne, throw some confetti, get excited. These types of pictures will tell your audience you have something big planned for them and you can’t wait to share it with them and invite them to be involved.

Landing Page

This is where your audience will go when they’ve decided they want to embark on the journey you’ve laid out for them. Showing up here with a warm smile will make them feel welcome and encourage them to feel willing to take this next step in their business.


As you warm up your audience for your launch, walk with them through their decision-making process by including photos of your products or yourself working on your services on your computer.

If you’re launching a course in Q1, then it’s time to get a branding photoshoot on the books. It’s just one piece of the course launch puzzle, but it’s an important one!

If you’re in the Phoenix area (or would like me to travel to you) and would like to get a branding photoshoot on the books, you can connect with me here!

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